Wearable Maps for a Walk&Talk

Collaborative mapping of subjective and inaccurate data in Sunderland Point.





In December 2016, myself, Louise Mullagh, and Maria Angela Ferrario took an intrepid group of participants to a walk around Sunderland Point (Morecambe Bay), led bywriter Karen Lloyd , author of “The Gathering Tide“.

We were inspired by Karen’s book, in which the winds, the birds, the histories, and the personal stories of and about Morecambe Bay are entangled, and in a sense gathered as the title has it by the tides. As the tides move and shifts the mud of the bay, they cover and reveal a richness of traces of recent and remote pasts. Could these traces be collected, catalogued, and mapped, to be used as data for better understanding the complexity of the bay?

For our walk designed and produced wearable maps that were worn and used by participants to collect subjective data during a territorial exploration of Morecambe Bay. The maps were then used as a starting point of a discussion on the meaning and value of subjective mapping, and catalyst for a future series of related events.


This project was supported by theHighwire Doctoral Training Centre and Prof. Gordon Blair’sLiving with Environmental Change(LWEC) Senior Fellowship – Lancaster University.


Mari has been collecting the tweets on the EdgeBits blog (while she is working on a collaborative blogpost):

Few months after the walk, we showcased our physical and digital maps as an exhibit at the Data Public Conference. Louise took some great photos:

Walking with Data installation at Data Publics


Louise also uploaded some great photos of the walk on her flickr account:
Walk and talk: Sunderland Point

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