Twines, bamboo planters

Last Spring [2012] the bamboo planters we designed together with local craftsmen in Chongming island have finally been realized, and presented at the Sharing the Harvest event that we held in the Sino-Finnish Centre in Tongji University, Shanghai.

These baskets are handmade planters that can host a bag of soil where you can plant your seeds; once the plant is grown, you can transplant it into another planter (or in the open field), by simply taking off the bag and cut it.

This project has a particular emotional value for me, as the concept was born in a sunny day, while planting tomato seeds on our studio terrace with Francesca. (we did harvest some tomatoes that summer, btw)
Together we followed the whole design and making process, and worked with local craftsmen.

here you can see the presentation of the project:


Here is a video that shows the weaving technique of Chongming’s craftsmen:

竹编 | weaving from serena pollastri on Vimeo.


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