Time Capsules to Future World

In July 2017 we asked a group of 12 secondary school students to design and prototype speculativeartefacts to be sent to 2117 in a time capsule. These projects provide solutions for eating, travelling, communicating, or having fun in four different future scenarios.

The Design Summer School took the form of a 3 day sprint project in which designers of the future explored seemingly impossible challenges and themes bigger than us, than Imagination, than Lancaster: climate change, better cities, mobilities, food and energy distribution, health and wellbeing.

The aim of the Design Summer School was to take prospective students from different secondary schools around Britain through a design journey, while at the same time showing them the many ways in which design can shape the future.

At the core, the school introduced an idea of design process that moves away from the classic categories of product, graphic, interior, fashion, () design. Students were provided unfamiliar scenarios, and encouraged to find creative solutions to future challenges.

The program included contributions from academics from ImaginationLancaster as guest speakers who visited, talked about their research, offered provocations and mentored participants throughout the school. The presentations showed an extended view of design beyond the traditional understandings of the discipline, and included Prof. Paul Coulton, Dr. Dan Richards, Dr. Roger Whitham, Dr. Dan Burnett, Creative Excahnge PhD Candidate Adrian Gradinar and Highwire PhD candidate Andy Darby.

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