St Valentine Day’s Massacre

Derrick: “Hey, Sam is asking for the clampdown valentines day flyer for february.  Have you done anything with it yet?
I’d def appreciate any help on this.”

Me: “yo!
i didnt forget, just had to wait to finish that damn paper before jumping on that

gonna do it by tonight, cool?
but first i need to know:
date (is that on the 14th?)
drink special and such
oh, and i forgot my mobile at pauls…..of course…
Derrick “Excellent! thanks.  I think I’m going to dress up as cupid for this (ought to be hilarious)  Maybe I can get a bunch of people to dress up.”
Anyways..that would be this saturday; same venue, same music (no offense to the djs) plus some cheesy songs, because after all it is valentine weekend, and people have to hold their sweetheart tight in their arms etc etc.
so if you are in shanghai…
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