Publications related to my PhD research (Visual Conversations on Urban Futures)

Pollastri, Serena. 2015.Diverging utopias: designing conversations on futures and cities. 6th International Conference of the European Utopian Studies Society. Newcastle (open it on ResearchGate)

Pollastri, Serena, Rachel Cooper, Stephen Clune, Chris Boyko, Nick Dunn, Claire Coulton. 2015 “Lancaster as a sharing city: an interdisciplinary exploration and thought experiment”First International Workshop on the Sharing Economy. Utrecht. (open it on ResearchGate)

Pollastri, Serena. 2014.Drawing Futures Together. Diagrams for the Design of Scenarios of Future Liveable Cities. RSD3 Symposium. Oslo, Norway.
Available here.

Foresight Report – UK Office for Science

Nick Dunn, Paul Cureton, Serena Pollastri, A Visual History of the Future. Future of Cities, Foresight UK Office for Science, 2014

John Urry, Thomas Birtchnell, Javier Caletrio, Serena Pollastri, Living in the City. Future of Cities, Foresight Uk Office for Science, 2014

A book section about my Master Thesis

Pollastri, Serena. 2010. Volunteered Geography as a Driver for Community-Based Services. In Human Cities: Celebrating Public Space. Edited by Barbara Golicnik Maru
(find a pdf of the book here:

Service Design and Civic Engagement (short paper)

Salinas, Lara, Sebastian Weise, Serena Pollastri. 2014. Transforming the Planning Process. Challenges for the Service Designer. ServDes14. Lancaster, UK.

DESIGN Harvests (Book)

This book is about our project in China. It collects papers written by StudioTao researchers (me included!) as well as researchers, students and professors that visited us and took part in some of the activities.

Lou, Yongqi, Francesca Valsecchi, Clarisa Diaz. 2013. DESIGN Harvests, An Acupunctural Approach Towards Sustainability. Mistra Urban Futures. Sweden. (

On Social Innovation, Food, and Craftsmanship in Rural/Urban China

Pollastri, Serena, Francesca Valsecchi, Diego Dalia, and Yongqi Lou. 2012. Mobile Marketplace. Designing Digital Devices to Connect Rural & Urban China. DRS Bangkok

Evans, Susan, Francesca Valsecchi, and Serena Pollastri. 2012. Eco-Urban Agriculture.Design for Distributed and Networked Urban Farming in Shanghai Cumulus. Helsinki

Valsecchi, Francesca, Serena Pollastri, and Yongqi Lou. 2012. Agriculture Prototypes: A Design Experiment of Sustainable Open Fields in China. International Conference of Food Design and Design for Food. London.

Valsecchi, Francesca, Serena Pollastri, and Yongqi Lou. 2012. Bamboo Entwines: A Design Intervention to Envision Culture and Innovation Values of Local Crafts. Heritage 2012, Heritage and Sustainable Development. Porto

Valsecchi, Francesca, Serena Pollastri, and Yongqi Lou. 2011. DESIGN Harvests: A Network of Social Collaborative Innovation Hubs. IASDR Conference TU Delft.


Most of my public presentations are available on my SlideShare page: