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This are some notes I wrote when I began my PhD. Please have a look at this page [Insert Link] to see a most updated version of my research.


In May 2013 I started my Phd at Lancaster University (ImaginationLancaster), with the Liveable Cities project.

Liveable Cities is an interdisciplinary research project that aims to develop a method of designing and engineering low-carbon, resource-secure, – UK cities that do not compromise on individual and collective wellbeing. Different areas of the project, are investigated by research teams at Lancaster University, University of Southampton, UCL and Birmingham University, with the help of expert panellists, partners and potential users of future services.

Great importance is given in the research to the human dimension of living and working in a city. Quality of life, wellbeing and citizen aspirations must be assessed and translated into design criteria for transforming the engineering of cities to deliver low-carbon living solutions.

My research is on the process of visualisation of complex system, as a tool to facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration and civic engagement in the design of scenarios of services-systems for future cities.

A reference map for my research


Right now I am diving deep into the pool of literature on diagrams for design intervention, Data-Information-Knowledge continuum, design for complexity, civic engagement, psychogeography and visualisation of urban environment. I keep branching out and going back to my main focus, but I guess that’s the beauty of a Phd, right?
This page will eventually be updated with some of the outcomes of my research. (And probably modified a little.)

Below is a short animation I prepared for my interview.


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