Rice by DESIGNHarvests

This project was part of DESIGNHarvests, a research project by Tektao Urban Design Consultancy with Tongji University in Shanghai. I worked as senior researcher and service designer for the project between February 2010 and July 2012.

The aim of the project was to connect urban Shanghai with the neighbouring rural island of Chongming, through small scale design interventions that can promote knowledge exchange.

One of this intervention was a collaborative project that involved a group of designers (us!), students from Tongji university and farmers from Xianqiao (a small village on Chongming island). Together we worked on a small rice field, in which we grew rice without the use of pesticides. People from downtown Shanghai (many students, young professionals, and families) were invited to participate to the first day of the harvest.

The rice was packaged in small bags sewn by a local seamstress, and sold in farmers’ markets in Shanghai, as well as online.



Rice packaging. It is made of cotton and hand sewn by local seamstresses.


Logo Design for Rice by DESIGNHarvests




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