A Visual History of the Future

A Visual History of the Future is a report that I co-authored with Prof. Nick Dunn and Dr. Paul Cureton, as part of the UK Gov

Liveable Cities + Phd Research

This are some notes I wrote when I began my PhD. Please have a look at this page [Insert Link] to see a most updated version o

DESIGN Harvests Research Project

DESIGN Harvests is the research and design project that brought me to China, and made me stay there much longer than I initial

OIL-OrganicIssuesLab, the video

I finally pubblished on Vimeo the video I made after the OIL Workshop. OIL-Organic Issues Lab from serena pollastri on Vimeo.

Tiantian, a Mobile Marketplance

Tiantian is the outcome of a research project, conducted by Studio TAO and Tongji University with Nokia, to demonstrate how di

Jindai elementary school

I am trying to put my website in order, but I apologize if right now it is not chronologically accurate. For example, the foll

Twines, bamboo planters

Last Spring [2012] the bamboo planters we designed together with local craftsmen in Chongming island have finally been realize

Up4tin – Planning for Change

This is the presentation I had made for the ASP 2 years multidisciplinary project i took part in: “Engineering and archi

Sustainable Design Packaging: Food packaging solutions for local products

This is the presentation that introduced our workshop: “Sustainable Design Packaging: Food packaging solutions for local pro

Service Design JAM

Last weekend (24th to 25th February) Service designers have been Jamming for 48 hours, and presented their creative solutions