about me

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Talks with hands, diagrams and drawings.
汉语学生, all-terrain knitter,and vegan cooking ninja

I am a designer and a lecturer who uses practice as an essential part of research and teaching. I work at ImaginationLancaster, a Design-led research centre at Lancaster University

I am interested in understanding how information visualisation processes can be employed to bring together multiple voices exploring pluralistic or contested pasts, presents, and (possible) futures, and how visual artefacts can then be designed to articulate the complexity of these conversations.

I also spend part of the year in Weihai, China, where I teach inthe Lancaster University/Beijing Jiaotong University design programme.

Before coming to the UK I worked as a designer and researcher in Milan, Toronto and Shanghai, exploring the impact of design activities to bridge urban and rural communities. I obtained my Masters Degree in Service Design from Politecnico di Milano (and studied Product Design for my undergrad degree before that). I am an Alta Scuola Politecnica alumna.

Creative Common Licence: CC BY-NC-SA 3.0