A Visual History of the Future

A Visual History of the Future is a report that I co-authored with Prof. Nick Dunn and Dr. Paul Cureton, as part of the UK Government Foresight Future of Cities project. The report is the outcome of several months of research on how future cities have been visualized in the last 100 years. The report reflects on what images of the future depict and why, and what is the agency of these images in shaping our cities and the way we live in them.

The report is available here:


A Visual History of the Future is one of a number of independent and peer-reviewed working papers commissioned by the UK Government Office for Science. Collectively, these papers provide an analysis of issues that UK cities are facing, and that will become more and more relevant in the next 50 years.

After the initial phase of research and collection of various images, my contribution to the report was mainly in the organization and visualisation of the material. A visual taxonomy and a timeline of dominant paradigm reorganize the material in the report in different ways, to tell stories about the techniques and the types of compositions used (taxonomy) or the emergence and decline of conceptual paradigms (timeline)








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