Remembering Resistance

Documenting and mapping memories of protests in Manchester.


An Atlas of Imaginary Future Cities

As part of my research on Visual Conversations on Urban Futures, I am building an Atlas of Future Imaginary Cities, as a way o


Sharing Cities Workshops (Lancaster and Birmingham)

    The sharing economy has become an incredibly popular topic in the last few years. A large number of non-academic


A Visual History of the Future

A Visual History of the Future is a report that I co-authored with Prof. Nick Dunn and Dr. Paul Cureton, as part of the UK Gov


DESIGN Harvests Research Project

DESIGN Harvests is the research and design project that brought me to China, and made me stay there much longer than I initial

Exploring and Rethinking Fedora

An interdisciplinary group 340 students from Central Saint Martins (UAL, London) exploring and designing neighbourhoods based

Place Lettering – Siping Road

        A workshop between typography, calligraphy, and psychogeography that I ran in collaboration with F

Time Capsules to Future World

In July 2017 we asked a group of 12 secondary school students to design and prototype speculativeartefacts to be sent to 2117

Wearable Maps for a Walk&Talk

Collaborative mapping of subjective and inaccurate data in Sunderland Point.  

Designing Tamara

Designing Tamara is a Visual Conversations on Urban Futures (VCUF) workshop that took place at the Musing inside Systems event

Visual Conversations on Urban Futures goes to DRS2016

In June 2016 I presented my research at the Design Research Society conference in Brighton. You can read my paper “Visua

Sharing Cities at the 1st International Workshop on the Sharing Economy

This is an early presentation of our Sharing City project at the first International Workshop on the Sharing Economy (Utrecht,

Future visioning workshop reports

This series of workshops was conducted as part of the Liveable Cities research programme. The Future Visioning Workshops are s